When you read about someone fearlessly defending themselves in a novel, what does the person look like? Our cultural bias fills in most of the details for us. In fact, most will automatically see a late-twenties, white male. But, why not a woman? No, not a woman dressed in tight leather pants with a stereotypical figure. But a real woman, just like you and I. Not only are women just as capable of defending themselves, but they run a higher risk of needing to put self-defense skills to the test than men do.

It’s Not a Man’s World Anymore

The women’s progressive movement has almost literally moved mountains in the past hundred years, and that includes the right to defend yourself. Take, for example, the armed forces. Women make up 16% of the enlisted and 18% of the officers across all our military branches. The last draft back in the 1940s comprised of 2% enlisted and 8% officers.

Women’s performance in higher education directly correlates with those statistics. Not only are women excelling in academia, but we also have the largest number of women in critical roles within companies and leadership positions than ever before. With that comes more options have it all–a successful career, a family, and the freedom to choose as much or as little as they want.

So, What Now?

Women have gained strides throughout history and the strongest women aren’t focusing on what they may or may not have been able to do 100 years ago. They are focusing on the power they have and the choices they can make in their lives today to help themselves advance in their own life. Whatever that looks like–building a career empire, building a strong family, building a home that’s supportive, and so on.

So, what now? Women aren’t victims any longer to gender wars, and they certainly have the choice to refuse to be a victim in their everyday life.

They can choose thousands of options for safety and security measures for themselves, their families and children, and their homes. Technology has advanced to stretch security measures across all factors of our lives. Smartwatches have emergency alerts, cars that can relay emergencies in an accident, and home security systems are controlled from your phone.

For what isn’t covered by technology, we’ve got you covered. In-home protection weapons, firearms, and concealed carry weapons like guns, mace, or tasers cover all your bases.

Mother Bear Isn’t To Be Messed With

It’s in a woman’s instinct to protect her children and if you don’t have children yet, you’ll know it when you feel it. Mothers of any age, status, or income all have a choice on how they want to protect their family. Laws are in place to protect the larger population and rules and regulations should always be followed.

With that, being prepared and waking up those motherly instincts is the first step.

Those motherly instincts will push you to prepare your family to protect themselves both in and out of the home. That starts with having tough conversations with them about how awful the world can be.

People tend to believe that kids or teenagers are unable to understand tough subjects, but they may surprise you. Often times they learn more than what you realize at school or on the internet. So, teaching them, talking to them, and helping them understand even the scariest situations in a safe setting with people they trust is more impacting than just hoping it will never happen. The truth can be misconstrued if these lessons aren’t taught by you and they learn at school or on the internet.

Practical Advice for Tactical Moms and Women

For women of any stage, you want your home protected. Investing in a practical home security system will be a priority regardless of where you live and what your budget is. Most of them offer a live camera subscription service that’s reasonably priced as well as glass break sensors, and door and window alarms. Another great deterrent would be motion sensor lights, digital locks, or putting up a “beware of dog” sign. If you’ve got more room in your budget, even building a panic room would be a great option for your family.

Then, make sure your children know what to do if something happens. Discuss fires, natural disasters, breaking and entering, flooding, and anything else that could happen. What do your children need to do? How are they going to protect themselves? Where do they need to hide? Who do they need to call? (Not ghostbusters) Asking these questions and provoking thought will get them to understand that the conversation is important and needs to happen often. You don’t want to scare them with your security system or the conversation about how and when to use it, but a healthy dose of examples about what’s happened in the past could be good for them. Even consider putting in a landline or secret cell phone somewhere in the house for emergencies only. Walk them through places to hide, and household items they can use to defend themselves if they are old enough.

Next, you’ll need to get the right in-home protection tools. Firearms, pocket knives, tasers, mace–these are all a different conversation (link past articles here), but begin your research on what will be best for you and your family. Take all those tools, and put them in the home, in the car, and keep some on your person. Be proactive and not reactive by taking action and getting the tools, weapons, and safety equipment for the home, in the car, and to carry with you wherever you are.

In Conclusion

We began this article with women’s rights, how we’ve evolved, and walked through the logical thought process of why and how we need to protect our families. Being a mom is a big responsibility and you can do it regardless of your relationship status. Taking one step towards a safer life at a time–with the right tools–will save your mental health, and quite possibly your family.

Being tactical and practical means being smart. You are capable and competent enough to prepare and take care of yourself, your home, and your family. It’s honorable to learn how to use whatever tool or weapon necessary regardless if you are single, married, or your background. If that means learning how to use a firearm? Do it. If it means taking a class on knife skills? Do it. Mom’s everywhere need to be prepared at your kid’s sports tournaments, dance classes, boy and girl scout meetings, and even at Disney World. It doesn’t matter where you are, your safety is always at risk, so staying ahead of the risk is the best way to keep everyone safe.