TLT Defense has created a House of Worship training program to:

  • Maximize Safety of congregants, staff, volunteers and leadership
  • Provide Accountability by documenting completed training and preparation for each
  • Reduce Liability by implementing and training in alignment with state and federal
    standards of care for violent intruder events.

TLT Defense provides preparation and a plan for individuals and organizations on how to more proactively handle the threat of an aggressive intruder or active shooter event. TLT Defense trains your house of worship on how to handle a person that intends on harming you and the people looking to worship.

There are many things that have an impact on your religious institution’s safety. As the leadership, you must ask, “How would we react if we had a person looking to harm our community? How would we cope with it all? Not just the violence but the aftermath as well?” When people go to worship, they expect to be safe from the outside world and that includes potential violent intruders. Because of this, houses of worship security and emergency preparedness has to be something that religious leaders take into consideration as the day to day operations of their facilities are carried out.

Places of worship are highly visible in their communities, and their leaders can be viewed as the embodiment of political issues. This alone places them at great risk. Typically, places of worship are seen as a sanctuary or safe haven, but the reality of today’s world is that places of worship are just as vulnerable to violent events as schools and businesses. Let TLT Defense train your worshipping community how to not only survive these horrible acts but also prevent them in the first place.

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