Our nation’s schools are entrusted to provide a safe and healthy learning environment for all of our students in public and nonpublic schools.  Our communities expect schools to keep their children and safe from all threats including emergencies such as crimes of violence.  Schools can take steps to plan and prepare to stop and even prevent these threats.  Every school Emergency Operating Procedure (EOP) should include courses of action that will describe how students and staff can most effectively respond to an Active/Mass Shooter situation to minimize the loss of life, teach, and train on these practices. Although no single response fits all of these terrible situations making sure each staff member knows his or her responsibilities and options can save valuable time and lives.

If a school district fails its duty to protect students from injury it could be found liable if measures were not put into place to prevent or defend against an Active/Mass Shooting situation.

The most common measures of standard would include but is not limited to:
1.  Did you comply with federal & state recommendations?
2.  Is your policy consistent with comparable schools?
3.  Did you comply with your own stated policy?

TLT Defense will research all of the state and federal requirements that would make sure your students are the safest they can be and keep the school in compliance. All school personnel will also be taught the Department of Homeland Security “Stop the Bleed” program that could also save lives.

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