Active/Mass shooter events at a healthcare facility present a lot of challenges; Doctors and nurses may be faced with a decision about what to do with patients; Patients family and friends will be present; and there are some patients that will be unable to move because of medical reasons. TLT Defense will come to your healthcare facility and work your current staff to make sure that procedures and protocols will be put into place that will minimize casualties and keep everyone as safe as possible.

If an active/mass shooter event occurs, hospital personnel must balance the need for safety and security within continuing to provide care to those in need. With the continuing care of the patients there will be a lot of issues that will arise. Many healthcare facilities cannot do a complete lockdown like a business or school. For those reasons safety can be difficult for patients and employees alike. TLT Defense is here to help everyone be prepared and help them get home safely in these awful situations.

Shortfalls in this training could literally be fatal, particularly if personnel perceive they do not work in a safe environment or if administration has not provided policies and procedures to address workplace violence inclusive of the active/mass shooter scenario. Potential risks to the healthcare facility includes; staff or patient injuries or fatalities, OSHA citations under the General Duty Clause, and damaging media attention. Don’t let fear stop you from a safe facility for your staff and patients. Contact TLT Defense and schedule your training.

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