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Have your CCL license but don’t know how to draw from a holster, or even how to choose one??  Or would you simply like to learn more about holster options?

Then join us for our Women’s Holster Clinic, led by a woman who has bought more holsters than she cares to admit in the search for just the right ones!!

Women face unique challenges when it comes to selecting a holster.  We are shaped differently than men, we dress differently than men, and we have many options that men don’t have (bra holsters!!) and it can be difficult to find just the right holster for our lifestyle.

The clinic will cover holster options, with a variety of holsters you can touch and try on.   We’ll then go over how to safely draw from a holster using dry fire practice.  You’ll build confidence through practice and repetition without the excess noises of the range.

There is no live fire in this class, which keeps costs down for you while you learn!  SIRT training guns and holsters will be provided.  Please wear pants with belt loops and a belt as the training holsters are on body and require a belt for use.