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  • Our proprietary training program will go through situational awareness, gun safety, and many other factors that will go into getting you home safely every day. You will participate in your first live Scenario Training Class. In the scenario, our instructors and our laser weapon system will show how it feels to have your life and/or your loved ones life in danger. If you are a person with a conceal carry permit or are considering getting one we can also put you in "shoot/don't shoot" situations. This could not only save your life but it could save you prison time and save your bank account from being drained with legal fees. Add a Tactical Training Flash Drive to your booking to take a piece of your training home with you for only $15.00 more!
  • NOTE: The Introductory Course MUST be taken before the scenario training course! Get a strong introduction into the world of an active shooter. Examples of situations are, but not limited too, Office, Restaurant, School/Classroom, Conference Room, Bank, Street, Carjacking and more. If you are a person with a conceal carry permit or are considering getting one we can also put you in "shoot/don't shoot situations". This could not only save your life but it could save you prison time and save your bank account from being drained with legal fees. Add a Tactical Training Flash Drive to your booking to take a piece of your training home with you for only $15.00 more!
  • 16-hour Concealed Carry Course for only $190! Choose a weekend that works and join us from 9 am - 5 pm both days for your Concealed Carry Course training.
  • Is your concealed carry permit almost ready to renew? Schedule your 3-hour recertification course today.
  • You have your conceal carry license but, what’s the next step? You have your conceal carry license, so what’s the next step? At TLT defense we provide the next step, and the next one, and the one after that. We’ll put you in real life situations that could occur in anyone’s daily life. You’ll have to decide, in a split second, if you should shoot or not shoot. Will you be able to react as fast enough? Will your instincts be right? Will you be able to put your shots on target while your adrenaline is pumping? In our class, we train you using the most realistic technology. Our equipment provides immediate feedback in the form of a small pain penalty, so if you shoot an innocent bystander they will feel it. Training in realistic, high-stress environments is the best way to improve your skills so you can protect yourself and your family if you find yourself in a dangerous situation. Our USCCA instructors will teach you to navigate the shoot/no-shoot scenario and offer feedback to help you achieve your goals for defending your family!!
  • On Sunday, May 5th

    Learn how to use your edged weapon in a violent encounter. Practice tactics and training methods for FUNCTIONAL skills. Learn to dictate the combat range and practice real-world tactics. Three hours of action-packed training.

    Limited seats are available, sign up today!

  • No one wants to prepare for the worst!

    We don’t want to believe that someone could hurt us, or worse our children. We want to believe that it can’t happen to us.

    We believe that training makes us look paranoid. I assure you, it doesn’t. Training makes you prepared, and being prepared is the opposite f paranoid.

    Preparing for the worst doesn’t mean that you don’t trust others. It means you understand that not everyone is trustworthy. Learning a few simple techniques will prepare you and your children - so you know what to do should you ever need it.

    Sign up today.  After taking this class you’ll be able to live your life as before but with the newly gained confidence that you and your family are ready should a bad guy try to hurt you.

  • In this 2.5-hour class, designed & taught by a woman for women, you will learn about firearm safety in a comfortable, safe environment.  The class will cover gun safety, proper (and lawful) storage, firearm safety for children, and a quick introduction to the fundamentals. The class will also include dry-fire shooting practice with a SIRT training gun.  We take the guess-work and stress out of having a gun in your home!  No live ammunition or real guns will be used in this class.  

    Class open to women ages 14 and up (14-17 must be accompanied by a legal guardian).  Online registration closes 3 days prior to class, but walk-ins are always welcome.
  • Imagine how you would feel knowing you had the mindset to avoid most attacks, and the techniques needed to survive those you can’t!!

    Let me teach you how.

    Violence against women and girls is one of the most widespread violations of human rights.  Attacks against women happen across all boundaries of age, race, and culture.  Anyone can be targeted, anywhere at any time!   You don’t have to be a criminal’s next target – minimize your risk with the right training.

    In the AWSDA (American Women's Self-Defense Association) based Self Defense class, you will learn about the mindset of a predator, red flag behaviors, situational awareness, survivor mindset, assertiveness skills - while leaning physical self-defense techniques.  Each class will review techniques previously taught and add new ones. So we encourage you to take advantage of our Buy 3 Get 1 Free special (code: B3G1) so you can keep improving the skills you’ve learned, and learn new ones!!  Remember, the more you attend the more prepared you’ll be to protect and defend yourself, and your family!

    AWSDA is an educational, non-profit organization dedicated to ending violence against women by providing training programs to self-defense instructors, as well as services for women to increase their knowledge of self-defense techniques and rape prevention.

    Classes held every Thursday evening, 6 – 8:00pm.

    Want to schedule a private group seminar? We can do that!!

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  • During the training, your employees will experience very realistic active shooter situations at your facility. Your employees could be in their office, in their conference room, or just about anywhere when they will hear the gunshots. What will they do? How will they react? How will they get out alive? We will teach everyone how to get home safely! Not available on the weekend? We have weekday training options available per request. Please contact us about our weekday availability.

  • If you've taken any regular class with tactical Laser Training you can now get a personalized Flash Drive of the training materials used during the class you participated in. Training doesn't stop when you leave the range; get your flash drive today and brush up on our training as often as you want.
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